Monday, July 21, 2008


the bhangra is most fantastic dance with instrument which are used by hands and beats come from it not using any type of electric city or like that made of mainly of wood and animal skin some parts which make the rythm of every one in north india rock to dance when the dhol ggets dagga the every one listning starts dancing with them and enjoy the life given by god and wish he always took birth in the punjab the right hand showing picure is surjit bindrakhia and me the famous singer whom have a huge impact over all decade in singing and died as some problem and but before hes death the last song was sing him by that was saying kal tak nahi rehana which meanss i will not live till tomorow and i ll live the life very soon and this come real when he was found dead when he come back from his morning walk and never woke up and the from right top singer dhol and saji algoza player ravi with a singer soo called as boliyan vala playing there instrument at theside of the bhangra team which was performing on the beats of the dhol algoza and singer s voice the from left top the algoza player is hitting the tones of beautiful alogza and dholi with some beats and chimata player and the bhangra team practising then left bottom the girl dancing boys playing alogoza and dholi playing his dholl and this is called as malwayii gidha

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