Thursday, July 31, 2008

dhol di taal te pave bhangra

''bhangra shann a mukh for chobara di''
''kahe javani da ahsasss bhangra..........''
''har insaaan nach othe jad dhol di taal te paveee bhangraaaaaaaaaaaa''

the team showing ready for there compition on the back stage with alll instrument and works the bhangra is very hard dance have to dance till 12 minute with hard speed and changing steps in team work on the rythm of dhol and with all instrument and set of there steps must always exact to get more more smile when they dance on stage and bhangra mens always put eye to eye contact with the judges to and show there happiness while they dance to get more attraction and marks soo they could win in there colege state and city distric or any comptition levels the josh and badaka the person doing bhangra make s extra points but while now if some one use to get on the toop of each other doing some like that stuff is removed from college and comption levels beacouse thats is not bhangra soo to get successfull points you have to full fill many conditions in which one most important is stamina , smile , strenght , slickness in steps , boliyan and working with dhols taal l {rythm]

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