Tuesday, September 30, 2008

crops of punjabi jatts


and we ll be sending out all climate details very soon bcoz it takes time to get the original things from the land of punjab from diffrent diffrent citys and the pepole s whom are called as jatts which are famous for there life and style and way of there life and they are soo simple and wear normal kurta te chadara some time but now they are geting modren and starteed making fashions and all life styles and geting good educations and soo on soo there is modrensization coming in the land of punjab of india now and this is best state other then all in india small green and fun loving place you and every one must viisit to eat the special dlights from here like saroo da sag and maki di roti te lassi ghar da ghee and soo on soo se ya friends i ll update news things tomrow after the visit from the jalandhar compition thanks and good bye

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