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bhangra Dress
As baishaakhi is one of the major festivals for Punjabis. Punjab pepole wear bright new dress to mark this festival. Kurta and lungi and pajama is a typical dress for men in Punjab while as for a women go for salwar-kamiz or lehanga-choli. Women further wear heavy jewelrys of various kind. now we will discuss the traditional dress of bhangra and giddha to present to you the feel of the this bhangrafestival as celebrated in Punjab.

Traditional Bhangra Dresses (for Men)
Dress for Bhangra is as colourful and brightfull vibrant as the Bhangra dance itself. Bhangra costumes effectively sends the rich and vivid colors of devloping Punjab and also the for life of Punjab's folk culture . Bhangra costume is simple and is normally worn by the men in villages of Punjab, in the the traditional Bhangra dress for men .
Parts of Bhangra Dress
•Turla or Torla (peakcock type opened liek a hand fans of china or japan on the turban) Pag (turban, a sign of pride/honour in all world) This is tied different to the traditional type of
turban that you can see Sikh's and many muslims and arabina and many wearing in the street of there
own countrys regions and etc . The Bhangraa turban has to be tied before each show, its not made in
factorys like hats
Kurta - A silk long shirt, with about 4 buttons, very loose with embroidered patterns of flowers on
Kaintha (necklace type ), all men wear earrings of golden colour which are called as kainth which is speccialy made in factories of the punjabs normal poor familys .
•Lungi or Chadaara - This is a loose loin cloth tied around the bhangra artist’s waist. the embodary
work is always done in every part of bhangra dress
•kamar kassa : A waistcoat, with no buttons.
•Rammal: These are essentially scarves worn on arms . They look very beautiful elegant and attractive
when the hands move during bhangra performance. One of the most striking features of bhangra dress or shall we say the pride of bhangra dress is the
turbon. The bhangra pug is different from normal other turbons. It resembles more with the turban
bowing style followed by jatts in villages of Punjab. The pag is further adorned with fan shaped
turla. Traditionally, turla is made from one end of the heavily starched turbon. Pag is further
highlighted with the use of gota broad golden lace. Many

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