Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Punjab Tradtional Lady Using Chaaj For Cleaning The Eatables

The Punjab Tradtional Lady Using Chaaj For Cleaning the Eatables

Chaaj have A TRaditional Value In Puanjb Traditional Customs ANd cultures

Which is that the Chaaj is used to clean the Eatbles good like kanak etc and also for The customs Of marriages like making boliyan with chaaj on the ceromony of there Son's or Grandson Or the boys Marriage the boliyan some lines :

"bol bi papyiya bol"
"bol bi payiyapa bol"
"bol mere (name OF Son or boy) harpreet da papyiya bol"
"bol papiya bol"

Culture Of punjab is Very vast And Fantastic if any body want to see it properly visitt punajb villages and enjoy the life over there take a ride in green plains of the crops with a sound of pleasure and cool wind blowing under yours ears and enjoy maki di roti with saag and other delicious food iteams

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