Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tumbi playing Picture

Tumbi playing Picture and history of tumbi and style

tumbi is a muscial insturment used by the pepole of punjabi folk artist in the picture look the tumbi is played and is in hands andhe moments of right hand are on the ball shaped plance and otehr hand is end of other side which is usd to sing a beautiful rhytme from this small instrument its like a guitar also its has only one stell string wire which is used and there is a animal hard flesh used on that ball. the ball shaped in the picture of tumbi is a made of soil it self and then its covered with hard flesh and there s string attached from corner to corner and the wooden peace is placed totally between the animal flesh thing and this is the key thing which help in generating sound in that tumbi the sweet rythme off tumbi are soo awesome and cant not forgot that voice in life

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